About the artist


BADRI  –  /Anatoli Badriashvili/ was born in 1947 in Tbilisi, the capital city of Republic of Georgia. (Former USSR)

He graduated from Georgian Academy of Arts in 1974 with a Master’s of Arts degree.

He began his career as an artist in the movies and advertisement business. From 1979 he worked as the designer of architecture landmarks. His original and bold projects quickly delivered him to a well deserved celebrity status. Badri’s works of art now adorns the interiors and exteriors of hotels, office buildings, restaurants in Moscow, Tbilisi, Sochi, Kiev and other cities scattered on the map of the former USSR.

In parallel to design projects, Badri created a large number of graphic and painting art work. His paintings at the end of the 1980s are done mainly in surrealistic manner, but one can already see there a tendency to resolve some compositions using certain abstract technique.

Political events and a civil war in Georgia forced the Artist to leave his motherland. In 1992 he immigrated to Europe. Czech Republic had become his new home for the next seven years. There he devoted his time only to paintings, creating a completely new series of them. His works were exhibited in many galleries throughout Europe – in Prague, Luxemburg, Hanover, London, etc. The paintings of this European period are infused with a hard to describe charming melancholy and a new deep philosophic understanding of reality.

In 1999, Badri moved to Canada where he was introduced to a new life, new perceptions, and new pursuits in creativity. A completely new technique develops upon which a great new cycle of abstract paintings have been based. It is hard to speak about them, they have to be viewed in order to feel energy and captivating force emanating from these canvas. Wild tumultuous colors are incredibly blended in refined, exquisite half-tones and textures, bringing forth cosmic, unearthly powers.

Most of his paintings are spread all over the world, mainly in private collections in Russia, Czech Republic, USA, Germany, and Japan.

In the present time Badri lives in Vancouver (Canada), where he creates his new ideas and projects. He speaks on his own creative technique: “The art of painting in my understanding is coming from the personal vision of the world. This vision of being transformed by the powers of the artist’s mind and is expressed on canvas. It is a constant quest on how to more precisely convey a sensual perception using colors and line. Therefore, artist in the pursuit of self expression must have a free choice and dispense with self-limitations.”


Bertrana Savachi, “A W”